Thursday, March 4, 2010


Are u a picky eater?
a small eater?
or doesnt want to eat at all??

yes,i'm not just a picky or a fussy eater....but my major problem is...i DONT WANT TO EAT AT ALL!!...penat my mummy try mcm2 recipes...with her crazy hopes that i'll eat...sorry mummy,i dont feel like eating!!maybe i want something more than just's something i'd like to share..

How to Not Encourage a Picky Eater

Feeding your baby a variety of foods, on his own terms, will help decrease the odds of establishing a true "picky eater".

Some of the best advice ever given to parents who feel they may have a baby who is a "picky eater" is this:
Realize that it is up to you to offer your baby healthy and wholesome foods; it is up to your baby to decide whether or not to eat that food. 
Your baby will never starve himself and the best thing you can do is to just continue to offer the foods and try and relax about how much is eaten or not eaten.

Picky Eaters May Just Be in a Picky Phase

Remember, a baby's appetite will change on a constant basis as will his likes and dislikes of foods. 

hint A baby who is ill or teething may not wish to mash those favored finger foods with sore gums. That same baby may lose his appetite for a few days and then suddenly the typical appetite comes roaring back.

hint An infant who is busy exploring the carpet or the new soft-book she has received may be miffed when she is put into a high chair and offered food, even if it is her favorite carrot and pear dices. 

hint Don't forget about the natural slow down of growth that babies go through.  They are ravenous for a few days or a week or two and then suddenly they are barely eating.   Babies who are coming out of a growth spurt will tend to eat less than they were during the growth spurt. 

As your baby gets older, the appetite will naturally slow as he becomes less reliant on breast and/or bottles for his nutrition and requires less to sustain healthy growth and development. Parents should remember that as solids replace breast milk and/or formula, it becomes more difficult to realize how much baby is now eating. Chart the foods your baby is eating during a 5 day period and you may be surprised to find that your baby really is not as "picky" as you think.

The Picky Eater - Strategies for the Picky Eater

Give Your Baby Control. If you are still spoon-feeding your baby, she may be at a stage where she would prefer to feed herself and control what she is eating. 

Try offering her up a plate of yummy and colorful finger foods.  Try something like sweet potato cubes with baked apple dices and diced green beans then "walk away" in that you let her explore and eat the food(s) on her own terms. Always ensure you are watching your baby during feeding times.

Spice It Up. If you are serving "bland" foods, try adding some spices or cheeses (providing there are no dairy allergies) and also try and mix up creative combinations. 

It's In The Bowl. Give baby his own colorful bowl and fun-shaped spoon. Let him experiment and feed himself.  Make food and eating "fun", offer colorful, healthy and fun foods and above all, make eating a relaxing experience.

As you know, never force baby to eat and never make food and feeding a battleground. Always remember, your baby will never starve himself.

Picky Eaters over 12 Months Old

If your "picky" baby will soon be 1 year old, you may wish to take a peek at our Toddler Food website where we have a page devoted to Toddler Nutrition.  We have a page devoted to the Picky Eater. In reading through some of the pages, you will probably be surprised at how little toddlers actually need to sustain healthy growth and development.  It is recommended that an infant between the age of 8-12 months old nurse every 4-5 hours or take between 24-31 ounces of formula.  When you stop and think about it, these amounts are relatively small compared to the days of your baby eating non-stop. If your baby is "picky" for a few days, there should be no harm done.

Take heart, your little "picky eater" baby will continue to surprise and dismay you when it comes to eating. Babies are so predictable in their unpredictability.  When you think you have found the magical foods, another wrinkle in his eating pattern will appear.

i hope sme info di atas will help u n my mom :)

Monday, February 15, 2010



Saturday, February 6, 2010


where am i?can u find me?

Raya Haji 2009.

xora pn nk buat rambut mcm mummy :)

xora dok diam2
almost done :D

Sunday, January 31, 2010


arr...tak lama lg xora nk dpt adik..lg 3mnths je...nanti mummy mesti slalu dgn adik..mesti xora da kurang attention..mesti mummy tido ngn adik...mcm mane ni?slalu ape2 mesti mummy ader dgn xora..nnt sme da kene share dgn adik...

tp takpe..maybe smer tu tak lame...nnt lame2 maybe xora x kesah da..sbb xora pn nnt ader gang nak maen :)

dlu,xora ni tido lasak tau(smp skang pn)...dlu if mummy nk pegang xora,or nk hug xora mase tido..xora tak suke..skang ni...if mummy x hug xora..xora yg tarik tgn mummy suh hug xora..xora ni jealous ke sbb ader adik nnt?ataupn...xora tak puas lg manje2 ngn mummy kot?ni la masenye sblm adik xora nnt kuwa....harap2 mummy x lupe dkat xora ;(

mummy:xora sayang adik tak?
xora:cayang la~
mummy:dlm perut ni adik sape?
xora:olaa lee~

Monday, January 25, 2010

thanks aunt wen!

igt tak..d other day..xora ader post kan sumthin pasal eczema...and x sangke dlm byk2 org kawan aunty sabrina replied..dier msg mummy kt her fb.her name is Wen..that was so nice of her..may god bless u aunty!

dier bg some tips and she suggested a few medi for my skin..eventho she's a bit bz dier buley jgak tlg org mcm xora..wlpn x appreciate dgn ape yg dier da buat..

xora n mummy harap aunty akan happy slalu!good luck in whatever u do.. u rocks!




td pagi xora g clinic amek ubat.sbb xora selsema n lpas makan ubat.da kurang skett da..tido pn da tak batuk2 da..sng la mummy lpas ni leh tido lena :P...

smlm mummy n daddy da jmp kot name for my sister nnt...jgn jd cam dlu da...xora da lahir 2weeks lpas tu baru dorang jmp name yg sesuai utk xora...

my full name is ixora darwish..maksudnye:

"ixora"=bunga jenjarum kot dlm bahse,jst pronounce it in english ya?
"darwish"=bermaksud "ahli tasawuf" dlm name islam..

jadi sambungkan dua ixora+darwish=bunga ahli tasawuf,wlpn combination nye dlm maknenye tak bape nk janji ade makne kan :D

ooh..lpe lak..utk my sister nnt...confirm blakang tu pn ader "darwish" jgak...cumenye name dpn dier tu..its still a secret!!!

eeh,jgn bisink2..ok takpe..xora bgtau antare name2 yg akan my parents ltak..korang teka2 la sendiri ye?bawah ni ader antara list of names w the meanings..if korang ader nk comment ape2..u'r free to do so ;)

list of names:
  1. ivanna- "God's grace"
  2. ivy- Name from nature; an evergreen climbing ornamental plant which represents fidelity and eternity
  3. ixandra- nil
  4. iveena-nil
  5. ivyna-nil

tp smer name ni tak confirm sgt la sbenanye..still under discussions..ok la..xora nk mamam n mandi..
catcha later!